The North Carolina Fragile X Foundation Community Support Network was created by families affected by Fragile X Syndrome to help, assist, guide and connect with other families in the Carolinas, also affected by Fragile X and associated developmental disorders.  Perhaps you are a family newly diagnosed and looking for advice as to the next steps, coping with life and wanting to connect with other families with similar experiences? Maybe you are a family, individual or professional experienced with Fragile X, its treatment, therapeutic regimen, challenges and joys? Or, even if you are here to simply find out more about this disorder (and, if so, we’re delighted that you are), we hope that the information and resources you find here will set you on the right path.

The North Carolina Fragile X Foundation is committed to supporting all individuals and families interested in finding out more about Fragile X and related disorders, but most particularly those who are affected by the condition. To this end, we hope that you will feel comfortable in contacting any, or all, of the links below and we will endeavor to help in any way we can.

For immediate information, please telephone our leadership:  (919) 563-5812

  • To contact your local National Fragile X Foundation Community Support Network Leader:  durham@fragilex.org
  • To contact our Administrator, to receive event details, news items, etc.:   admin@ncfragilex.org
  • To contact our Fundraising Chair, to donate, volunteer or pass on information about funding or development opportunities:  fundraising@ncfragilex.or
  • We have monthly business meetings, socials, workshops, and outings. See our calendar for upcoming events: CALENDAR